Forfatter Arkiver: themindpieces

Brain vitamins

Puzzles require you to see things simultaneously in terms of parts and wholes. They require both logic and creativity. Puzzles strengthen the existing connections between brain cells, and create new connections for improved thinking and mental speed. Jigsaw puzzles are particularly useful for our short-term memory because they require a recollection of shapes and colors, […]

Meditation in a box

Working on jigsaw puzzles can serve as meditation and induce a certain calmness in the mind. Your mind will be focused only on visualizing the image in front and will concentrate on this alone, excluding everything else around you. Recent studies show that by just sorting through puzzles, attempting to come up with possible solutions […]

The happydrug

Each success with the puzzle – each piece that falls into place – encourages the production of dopamine, an important neurotransmitter in the brain that regulates mood and affects your concentration and motivation. This neurotransmitter causes improved motoring skills, an increase in concentration power, optimism, confidence, and an enhanced recollection.